Wednesday, May 22, 2019 Radio - 05-20-19 - Monday Night Fresh By A.C. The P.D. aka El Choppo

New show by A.C. The P.D. aka El Choppo Radio - 05-20-19 - Monday Night Fresh Radio - 05-20-19 - Monday Night Fresh

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All tracks selected, mixed, chopped, looped, sequenced, flipped and freaked by El Choppo aka A.C. The P.D.


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Friday, May 17, 2019

New music video for “10,000 Seconds" is released worldwide right now!


My new music video for
“10,000 Seconds" is released
worldwide right now!



There are 86,400 seconds in one day. You might be wondering why I wrote a workout song called 10,000 seconds in a day. Well you have two options to consider:

1. I heard the phrase somewhere and fell in love with it. I wrote a song focused around this phrase and title building my song blueprint focused on this. I thought it ended up being a pretty cool folk pop song with a sweet guitar melody and decided to put it on my CD. I never bothered to count how many seconds there are in the day until I asked my sister (math nerd) what she thought of the song and she pointed this flaw out to me. I then felt like an idiot but couldn't change anything because I really liked the song and it was being released in 2 weeks. I thought, oh well nobody's going really notice...

2. The song is inspired by the boredom that we go through in a typical day. We spend 8 hours a day sleeping which means 28,800 seconds are wasted recharging. In any given day there's only really about 2.77 hours that are the focus/highlight/most memorable part of our day. So we should make them all count!

Btw, the 3rd chorus (and bridge) is my favorite part of the song! Shouldn't my favorite parts not be at the very end??

So the answer to my question that I’m sure is burning a hole in your gut and causing you a bunch of anxiety is:

#1 - Yep I’m a doofus. When I sat down to write this post and my personal email to my fans, I started thinking of all sorts of excuses and that’s when #2 came up! 

Anyway, the Music Video focuses on all those special moments throughout everyone’s day - about 10,000 seconds worth since that’s the title of my song.  My initial starting point was to make this a work out/exercise song about going to the gym but it quickly evolved. The video centers on the precious moments within every day and the time we spend with our families, friends, and yes, even at work. We should enjoy these seconds and make them count! - Subscribe to my YouTube channel

I’ll continue to release a new song, music video, book chapter, poem & Behind the scenes video every month. I love being a proud supporter of multiple charities and donating directly to many charitable organizations!

See my newest Vocus press release here.

**Since 2014, Sarantos has won over 43 awards with Akademia LA Music, Beat 100 while also being nominated for the International Music & Entertainments Awards, Hollywood Music In Media, and the Hollywood Songwriting Awards.

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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Down Under Vibes n Things By DJ Vadim

Weekly Update

Just for you from Mixcloud. We've pulled together some great uploads that we think you'll enjoy. Check them out below and have a listen!

Down Under Vibes n Things

Mr. Scruff 1992 Hip Hop Mixtape


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