Wednesday, December 4, 2019

CBAA's National Features and Documentary Series

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National Features and Documentary Series

Now available to listen online and broadcasting on Australian community radio stations is the sixth installment of CBAA's National Features and Documentary Series, an annual showcase of work by new and emerging Australian community radio producers.

Start listening to all the features.

First Sounds compilation - deadline extended

Celebrated singer-songwriter Shellie Morris has joined the First Sounds selection panel.
Are you a station broadcaster and know of new and emerging First Nations musicians? Are you an unsigned First Nations artist? If so make sure you are a part of First Sounds, a unique opportunity to join the realms of radio music.

The new closing date for the inaugural First Sounds compilation is now Saturday 14 December. The CD is due out February 2020.

Suicide Prevention Project - December 2019

This month we catch up with Beyond Blue to get some advice on how to plan ahead if this time of year is a time where you feel stressed, down or isolated and we have segments outlining support and services you can access from Lifeline throughout the holiday period.

Access the segments in the playlist here

Developed with the support of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing

Music moving on the Amrap Chart 

Pictured above: Baker Boy with JessB
Melbourne-based hip hop artist Baker Boy rounds out his huge year with the release of Meditjin – debuting in both the Regional and Metro charts at number four and nine respectively. Taking the top spot on the Metro Chart this week is Maduwongga and Noongar artist MissGenius with I Don’t Wanna Be, and sneaking into the charts at number ten is Tkay Maidza with IDC IF U BE DED.

For the full story on Amrap's regional and metro charts visit this week's update!
Getting to Know You

Andrew McLellan
CRN Operations Coordinator

Andrew's introduction to the community broadcasting sector was in 2012 at 4ZZZ in Brisbane. In 2015 Andrew commenced with the CBAA as CRN Operations Coordinator. 
Andrew, could you please tell us a bit about your role as CRN Operations Coordinator?

When I first started back in 2015, my role was mostly loading, listening to and checking content that is distributing 24/7 through the CBAA's Community Radio Network (CRN). Weekly I would get to hear some of the best national content that is being produced in the sector.

As part of that, one of the exciting projects I work on is the annual National Features and Documentary Series (NFDS), which kicked off in 2013. A collaboration between CBAA and the Community Media and Training Organisation (CMTO), each year we work with a series of producers who each take their storytelling and production skills to the next level. It's a great snapshot of what different communities around Australia are facing and talking about. Each producer gets feedback on their work from a panel of esteemed judges from the community radio sector as well as independent producers from the ABC and Deutsche Welle (DW). Many of these producers have gone on to produce bigger series and features for their stations and the sector, as well as the ABC and international podcasters. But most importantly these documentaries have propelled conversations, concerns and voices coming out of our communities.

The sixth series of the NFDS is now available to listen online and is free for community radio stations to broadcast.

Sector News and Updates

Photo by Amador Loureiro on Unsplash
Technorama Station Technology Survey

Technorama needs your help to gather information which will be useful in so many ways. Your answers will inform and guide Technorama's work and events; will support decisions for CMTO training; will help guide the process of CBF grantmaking; and will provide the CBAA with valuable information about how the sector uses technology.

The Technorama Station Technology Survey will take around 20 minutes to compete and one lucky participant will win a free pass to Technorama 2020 - it could be you! 

Win $500 for your favourite community media organisation

Do you have a favourite local community radio station you’d like to support with a one-off gift? The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) have launched a competition to give you the opportunity to recognise your favourite community media organisation with a gift of $500.

More information and entry details here. Entries close 5pm AEDT Friday, 13 December.

NSW Researches Community and First Nations Media

A team of researchers at UNSW are looking for participants to learn more about and identify listening practices which will improve the efficacy of First Nations and community media for democratic participation and community well-being.
The research aims to identify possibilities for improvement where obstacles to political listening are evident. 

The questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes. Please contact Dr Poppy de Souza with any queries. 
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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

An update from Brian Hazard of Color Theory

An update from Brian Hazard of Color Theory
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How I'm Promoting My Music This Month
Happy 🦃 Day in advance!

This month I published not one, but two articles:

1. My second and possibly final Spotify PR Spotlight, this time highlighting Midnite Blaster, along with my conclusions on Spotify playlist promotion overall. I'd love to hear what you think, so come at me in the comments!

2. My Promote on SoundCloud Beta Results. You can now promote on SoundCloud, through SoundCloud. Conclusion? Don't waste your money.

This month I made another valiant effort to crack the Facebook Ads code.

I set up a custom conversion using a smart link to track people who not only clicked on my ad, but clicked through to Spotify.

While I'm able to get the cost per click down to a reasonable level, very few people actually click through to Spotify.
Right now I'm showing 3732 clicks to my smart link. Of those, only 329 clicked through to a service, less than 10%. Worse, only 44% of those clicked through to Spotify.

The biggest obstacle, as I described in my post on Facebook ads, is the lack of targeting options for my genre.

The gang at Indepreneur might argue that the #1 problem with my music business is that I'm not putting offers in front of my fans. They did a series of podcasts on preparing for Black Friday, which encouraged me to make a token effort.

I have every intention of becoming an Indepreneur member, but I've been waiting for the Black Friday deal they teased on the podcast. It's already pretty cheap at $37 per month, so I don't know how much lower they can go. Keep an eye out here!

Speaking of training programs, there are still a few $200 off slots available for Fans on Demand Formula (my review) with code "PassivePromoSpecial" (no quotes).

Finally, my Vocal Synthwave Retrowave playlist cracked 1K followers on Spotify. I'm using Soundsgood to synchronize the playlist across multiple services (check it out).

Since I get relatively little action on Apple Music, I signed up for a three-month trial to post my playlist there. I'm pretty sure I did everything right, but it doesn't show up in a search for "synthwave" or "vocal synthwave" — at least for me.

Anyone know why that is?

Until next month, let's hustle. 🕺

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