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Chris Jasper

Chris Jasper, a classically trained musician, was a member and the primary writer for the Isley Brothers (1983-1983) & Isley-Jasper-Isley (1984-1987). Chris Jasper's music has been called the foundation of the legendary “Isley Brothers Sound.”


If you are familiar with THE ISLEY BROTHERS, then you know Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, CHRIS JASPER, an integral member of THE ISLEY BROTHERS during the 1970s and 1980s—their gold and platinum years—from the 3+3 (1973) to Between the Sheets (1983) albums. These were the years when THE ISLEY BROTHERS were a self-produced, self-contained group.

If you are familiar with THE ISLEY BROTHERS, then you have heard the music of CHRIS JASPER, who was primarily responsible for writing, arranging and producing all of THE ISLEY BROTHERS music during this time, including such beautiful love songs as “For The Love of You” and “Between the Sheets” and uptempo funk such as “Fight the Power.” His arrangements and instrumentation as a classically-trained musician, and his expertise on the keyboards and synthesizers, are the foundation of the legendary “Isley Brothers Sound.” When the six members of THE ISLEY BROTHERS disbanded (1984), Marvin and Ernie Isley joined CHRIS JASPER and formed ISLEY-JASPER-ISLEY. Without this crucial musical component, THE ISLEY BROTHERS were no longer a self-produced, self-contained group.

CHRIS JASPER brought his “unique sound” and musical talents to ISLEY-JASPER-ISLEY, and topped the charts singing lead vocals on “Caravan of Love” (1985), a song that was covered by English recording group, the Housemartins, an international #1 pop hit. “Caravan” was also used in commercials as part of a Dodge Caravan advertising campaign. He was also awarded a CEBA Award For Excellence for a Miller Brewing Company commercial. The music for that commercial formed the basis for “Brother to Brother” from the “Different Drummer” album, which supported the anti-apartheid struggle going on in South Africa at that time. His music has also been used in radio and television commercials, including “Who’s That Lady” (Swiffer) and “Between The Sheets” (L’Oreal).

When ISLEY-JASPER-ISLEY disbanded (1987), CHRIS JASPER brought his “unique sound” to his own solo projects, topping the charts with “SuperBad,” a song promoting the value of education.  CHRIS JASPER has continued to write songs and produce his own R&B and Gospel music, as well as other artists, for his independent record label, Gold City Records.

CHRIS JASPER’s music has been covered and sampled by hundreds of new and established recording artists, including Whitney Houston, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Gwen Stefani, Fantasia, Will Smith, Alliyah, Queen Latifah, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Natalie Cole, Jaheim, Kendrick Lamar, and the list goes on and on.  His music has also been used in many movie and television soundtracks.

In 1992, CHRIS JASPER, along with the other members of THE ISLEY BROTHERS, was inducted into the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME and in 2014, received a GRAMMY LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. In 2015, CHRIS JASPER received the German Record Critics Lifetime Achievement Award ("Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik"). In 2016, Chris was awarded the National R&B Society Lifetime Achievement Award. Chris also received the BET Lifetime Achievement Award and numerous ASCAP awards. In 2020, Chris was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. In 2021, Chris received the Lifetime Achievement Award.


Chris Jasper was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on December 30, 1951, the youngest of seven siblings. While growing up in Cincinnati, Chris studied classical piano starting at the age of 7 years old. After graduating from high school in Cincinnati, he moved to New York to study music composition at the Juilliard School of Music.

Chris received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in music composition from C.W. Post College in New York, where he studied under noted jazz pianist and composer, Dr. Billy Taylor. He subsequently received a Juris Doctorate degree from Concord University School of Law.


The Jasper and Isley families lived in the same apartment complex in Cincinnati, Ohio. Chris’s older sister, Elaine, married Rudolph Isley. The three older Isley brothers, Rudolph, O’Kelly and Ronald, formed a vocal trio (“The Isley Brothers”) and relocated to Teaneck, New Jersey.

While temporarily living in New Jersey as a teenager, Chris and the two younger Isley brothers, Marvin and Ernie, formed a band, “The Jazzmen Trio”, that played locally in New Jersey. Chris played keyboards, Ernie played drums and Marvin played the bass. Along with Chris, Ernie and Marvin also attended C.W. Post College in New York. While in college, Chris, Marvin and Ernie played on the older Isley Brothers recordings, including “It’s Your Thing”.


In 1973, Chris, Marvin and Ernie brought the songwriting and musical component to the older brothers vocal trio, making The Isley Brothers, a self-produced, self-contained six-member group. Their debut release as a 6-member band on their CBS-associated label was the 3+3 album.

Chris was the primary songwriter/musician, producer and arranger of The Isley Brothers music from 1973 (“3+3”) through 1983 (“Between the Sheets”), with contributions by younger members Ernie and Marvin Isley. Chris’s arrangements and instrumentation as a classically-trained musician, and his expertise on the keyboards, synthesizers and other instruments, have been credited as the foundation of the legendary “Isley Brothers Sound.” In 1984, the 6-member group disbanded due to internal problems.


In 1984, Chris, Marvin and Ernie formed Isley-Jasper-Isley, a self-produced, self-contained trio, with Chris as the lead singer of the group, continuing his role as the primary songwriter/musician, producer and arranger. Isley-Jasper-Isley recorded 3 albums on their CBS-associated label, and earned recognition with their #1 hit, “Caravan of Love”. “Caravan” was covered by English recording group, the Housemartins, who made the song an international #1 hit.


In 1987, Isley-Jasper-Isley disbanded and Chris embarked on a solo career. Chris formed his record label, Gold City Records, and released two albums as a CBS-associated label. His debut single, “Superbad” reached #1 on the R&B charts. Chris has continued to write songs and has released a total of 16 solo albums to date, including 4 urban contemporary gospel CDs, and has produced other artists for his Gold City label. Chris also wrote and produced a track for Chaka Khan’s “CK” album (Make It Last) and produced and arranged a cover of “Harvest For The World” for the Average White Band. Chris is also currently working with his 29-year-old son, Michael, on music scores for original screenplays written by Michael, a writer/musician and attorney. 

In 2019, Chris released his 16th self-contained solo album “For The Love Of You”—a mixture of new renditions of some of the songs that he wrote for the Isley Brothers, and his take on some soul and pop classics. Chris continues to bring that “Isley Brothers sound” he created to music lovers everywhere. His newest release for 2022 is a soulful midtempo R&B ballad “I Promise,” from his forthcoming album “Raise The Bar” due out summer 2022.

Chris and his wife of 40 years, Margie, a New York-based attorney and author, live in New York and continue to operate their independent record company, Gold City Records.



3+3 (CBS) 1973

Live It Up (CBS) 1974

The Heat Is On (CBS) 1975

Harvest For The World (CBS) 1976

Go For Your Guns (CBS) 1977

Showdown (CBS) 1978

Winner Takes All (CBS) 1979

Go All The Way (CBS) 1980

Grand Slam (CBS) 1981

Inside You (CBS) 1981

The Real Deal (CBS) 1982

Between The Sheets (CBS) 1983


Broadway’s Closer to Sunset Boulevard (CBS) 1984

Caravan of Love (CBS) 1985

Different Drummer (CBS) 1986


Superbad (Gold City/CBS Associated) 1988

Time Bomb (Gold City/CBS Associated) 1989

Praise the Eternal (Gold City) 1992

Deep Inside (Gold City) 1994

Faithful & True (Gold City) 2002

Best of Chris Jasper…With Love (Gold City) 2003

Amazing Love (Gold City) 2005

Invincible (Gold City) 2007

Everything I Do (Gold City) 2010

Inspired (Gold City) 2013

Thank You Jesus (Gold City) 2014

The One (Gold City) 2014

The Essential Chris Jasper (Gold City/Sony Legacy) 2015

Share With Me (Gold City) 2016

Dance With You (Gold City) 2018

For The Love Of You (Gold City) 2020

Raise The Bar (Gold City) 2022

It Started With A Kiss (Gold City) 2023



Vicious & Fresh (Liz Hogue) (Gold City/CBS) 1989

Out Front (Out Front) (Gold City) 1995

Brotha 2 Brotha (Brothaz By Choice) (Gold City) 1998

Make It Last (Chaka Khan “CK” album) (WB) 1989

Addictive (Michael Jasper) (Gold City) 2010

Harvest For The World (Average White Band) (Average Enterprises) (2017)

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Jessy Howe Feat. Chris Muzik - Message Of Love SDC WMR Radio

 Allow me to introduce you to a song called "Message Of Love" by Jessy Howe


About The Song: 

Message Of Love - Jessy Howe Feat. Chris Muzik 

Release: 29.09.22. 



Label: I Am Love






"Message Of Love, is a new blues song recorded by Swiss/English singer, songwriter and producer Jessy Howe. She is featuring Chris Muzik, the South African/Czech/Swiss guitar player and co-producer of this fun-blissful-party-go-happy filled with positive vibes track. Dave Macloed plays a cheeky Hammond organ that complements Jessy’s dark soulful husky voice alongside Chris’ bluesy heartfelt guitar playing. Talk, talk, talk is cheap and this time not enough, actions speak louder that’s the Message Of Love. Hallelujah!

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 Kimberly Ward - Letting Go (Letting Go)


Linda Marks - Let There Be Love (Let There Be Love)


Michael Botte - New Rising Sun


Michael Botte - Here We Go


Nia Kay - Trust Me feat Sonta (radio edit) (QZF862200202)


RG Ingersoll and Kenny Smith - IN THE RED (The Felex Album)


- Noel Flynn - BETTER MAN


Paul and Helen Mateki - Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (single Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer)


Radio Drive - Be Yourself Tonight (One Breath Away)


Radio Drive - I Believe I Believe (One Breath Away)


Ron Mallow - Addicated to Haggard & Jones


Tedd Graves - What Would Waylon Say (single)


The Hammond Brothers - One Horse Town


- Todd Barrow - Gonna Drive


- Todd Barrow - Parrot Bay


Tofte Family - Living Man (single - Living Man)


Tyler Joseph - Bottle of Patron (Bottle of Patron)


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With less than a month to go to ACCES 2022, we want to make sure that you have as much information about Dar es Salaam as possible, and have attached a document that will help you prepare for your travels. We encourage attending delegates to ensure that they have all the necessary document requirements to get their Tanzanian visa. For referral documents, please complete this form before Tuesday 1 November.The Music In Africa Conference or Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases (ACCES) has released the programme for the fifth edition of the pan-African music trade show, which takes place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on 24, 25 and 26 November 2022. The programme is now available on the official website. Other speakers added to the ACCES 2022 programme include Tanzanian musician Fid Q, DJ Joozey (Tanzania), SACEM international development officer for Africa, Akotchayé Okio, musician and producer Mr Sakitumi (South Africa) and DJ, writer and lecturer Kobby Ankomah Graham (Ghana).You can also now register to participate in the ACCES 2022 workshops. Participation is free! The full ACCES 2022 programme is available here. Register now to book your seat at ACCES 2022. Registration is free for all African delegates. See you at ACCES!

Fid QLeratodj-joozey

Fid Q

Musician (Tanzania)

Lerato Matsotso

Stakeholder Relations and Membership Manager - CAPASSO (South Africa)


Dj (Tanzania)

Akotchayé OkioSakitumiKobby Ankomah Graham

Akotchayé Okio

International Development Officer for Africa - SACEM (France)

Mr Sakitumi

Musician and producer (South Africa)

Kobby Ankomah Graham

Dj, writer & Lecturer (Ghana)


Call for participation: ACCES 2022 workshops in Dar es Salaam

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